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Prosperity Oil

Combine Prosperity Oil & Money Oil and watch the money flow! A great oil for those that are looking for employment, to win the lottery, get a promotion and even better business. Give your business the needed boost that it needs. Great to spray in the air, bless your money, and mojo bags.



Money oils are used to attract money or  Goodluck. Attract wealth and jobs. Here are the ways they be used. You can rub the oil on your money, purse, wallet, around your front day to bring money. You can drop a few drops outside of your home to bring luck and money. A few drops around your place of business and even your place where you conduct business. You can bath in the oils and wear a few drops on you when you go to gamble, business meetings, applying for loans, and even your resume. You can wipe down the top of your shoes with the money-based oils so money can follow you.