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Open Roads 7 Day Candle

This candle is good for opening up roads that were once closed. Use this candle to allow opportunities to come back into your life.


Take candle out of wrapper

Take oil out of the wrapper

Shake the oil before you use

Move the herbs away from the wick so that it doesn’t burn black.

Write what you are trying to manifest in a sheet of paper.

Please be realistic about what you are requesting.

Rub oil on the candle and make your request. Meditate on what you want to happen. Speak it into existence!

Place three drops of oil away from the wick and continue to speak what you want.

Place the seven day candle on top of your Piece of paper and say what you wish to manifest.

After 7 days throw away the candle that has burned out

Fold paper and walk around with it.

It’s a blacks art candle throw everything away



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    Jaqueline M.
    United States United States

    So, before the product got here, I was already getting assessments emails for job positions I had applied for! Idk if the product had something to do with it, and I hadn't lightened up the candle when I received these emails. So Idk if this stuff magically works wonders before the arrival and lighting up the candle. I haven't heard about the job yet and hopefully, I passed the assessment exam as well.

    Vanessa B.
    United States United States
    The Best Blessed Candle Ever-Must buy

    As soon as I prayed over it, placed the herbs on it and lit it, my mind immediately began to clear up. It’s still burning actually. I never blow it out. Opportunities are falling into my lap.Thank you Sabree I’ve been rocking with you since 2018 and you are the Truth.