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Love come to me honey jar

This sweet attraction jar is made with 7 love herbs from Haitian Vodou! This jar is powerful! It can be used for many different issues in love. It can be used to attract love, enhance attraction, enhance self love, soften a lover, and just overall issues dealing with love.  

1. 1 sweet jar 

2. 4 red candles 

3. 2 sheets of paper ed paper

4. Popular love oil 

5. 1 honey comb 



1. write down their name 7 times on a sheet of paper or on their picture.

2. Open the jar and place the name or picture.

3. Pour 3 drops of oil in the jar. 

4. use the honey comb to stir and speak what you want to manifest. 

5. Close the jar and shake it.

6. Add 1 red seven day candle on top of the honey jar. speak what you would like to happen. 

7. place jar on a plate so wax does not leak onto your furniture or catch fire. 

8. Repeat with the rest of the candles every morning or night. 

9. When the wax id one with the last candle. Shake the jar every day for the next seven day. 

10. You are welcome to burn a candle on the jar for  3, 7, 14, 21, 28 days! it is up to you. 


                                                          happy conjure