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Evil Eye Mojo

Evil eye mojo is something everyone should own, especially if you are a business owner or deal with jealousy &envy. The mojo reflects negative energy that can interfere with your money, love, and just overall jealousy. You can carry it with you are leave it at the front entrance of your home. You can even gift this to someone who needs it in their life now.



Mojo bags:


Do not allow people to see or touch your mojo


Your Mojo bag should already come with instructions. Mojo bags are working spells. They are like candle magic without the candles. They are used to bring the intentions that have been set in them. You can place them in your pockets, purse, hide them in items, and even place them in certain places.  You must keep your mojo fed every week with the oil provided and set your intentions by holding it and speaking into it. Let it know exactly what you want and need. Do not allow people